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  1. Google+ is coming, but not just for Facebook?

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    With Google+ unleashed upon the (limited) masses, the social media world has been instantly flooded with hype. While most seemed to fall into the "desperate begging plea for an invite" category, the overriding sentiment among those who got in has been a resounding, "Well…. Yeah….".

    Prior to recent social networking failures (namely the Facebook-like 'Orkut' that only caught on in Brazil and the Twitter-like 'Buzz' feature within Gmail that nobody wanted), many had always assumed anything touched by Google to be the next big thing. Now, Attempt #3 is being met with a large dose of noncommittal positivity, nobody confident enough to predict either storming success or a quiet burial in an unmarked grave this side of Christmas.

    The common opinion cites 'Plus' as Google's "Facebook Killer", but could it be much more than that? Could many others be watching complacently, oblivious to the little red dot flickering on their backs?